My successes. 

When BagValet launched, they offered services only in the downtown area. "Starting with just one van, we didn't want to overextend ourselves and not be able to provide timely service.”

BagValet has already expanded to accommodate a larger radius of travelers with multiple vans. Currently, BagValet offers services to Folly Beach, IOP, the CHS airport and everywhere in-between with plans for continued expansion.

What might be most impressive with BagValet's story is within a short six months, they’ve solved a problem long plaguing travelers with a pragmatic, easy, and convenient solution. In fact, BagValet has serviced over 75 group bookings all of which provided 5 Star Google Reviews! Amanda’s vision includes expansion into other cities.

As a business owner, Amanda knows the importance of selling the problem and not the product. When asked what advice she has for other aspiring entrepreneurs Amanda shared, “Trust your instincts. Make genuine connections. Your word is everything."

What do you do? 

BagValet bridges the gap between lodging accommodations and flights by providing luggage storage with easy and convenient curbside delivery. BagValet offers convenience unlike any other service enabling visitors to have their luggage picked-up curbside from any lodging accommodation including vacation rentals, cruise ships, and hotels. Proud to be Charleston's premier luggage storage service, BagValet stores travelers' luggage for the day and then delivers it prior to their flight when and where requested.

What inspired you to start your business? 

As an Uber driver, Amanda Sheridan became aware of a problem that inconveniences Charleston's visitors and businesses every day. “I observed travelers dragging luggage into small shops, restaurants, and even lugging their bags around downtown through narrow walkways and cobblestone streets as they try to enjoy a city tour. After hotel checkout, travelers have nowhere to keep their luggage prior to flying out so they lug around their bags until they leave for the airport.”

That’s when Amanda knew there had to be a better solution. Six months later, with an idea in mind, Amanda launched BagValet to solve this common travel problem.

What have been the high and low points of being a business owner? 

"We've been growing over the last 6 months testing the viability of our concept, building a rapport of happy customers, and polishing our routine. Although BagValet is a relatively new concept, the amount of positive feedback from both travelers and local businesses has been amazing.”

What is your relationship with SCORE? 
SCORE client
What's great about my mentor? 

"My SCORE mentors gave me the big push to take the leap of faith. They used constructive criticism to keep my brain constantly working and processing ideas to generate success. SCORE’s mentoring and connection within the professional network of Charleston made it an easy transition to meet others who would further my success."