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Successfully bringing a grand vision to material reality is an iterative learning process that must first include efforts by the visionary to achieve superior and integrative awareness of both themselves and their environment (e.g. risks, capabilities, opportunities, asset requirements, etc.); and once armed with such superior insights, the visionary is better able to develop strategies and tactics that will ultimately serve to guide and enable purposeful and aligned action. That said, critical to these actionable beginnings and ends are progressive and catalyzing leaders that are: dedicated, collaboratively, innovative, competent, disciplined, empowered, inspiring, courageous, and perhaps most importantly, trustworthy (read: integrity). In these regards, visionaries intent on building superior enterprises that are truly sustainable must seek to develop such learning organizations staffed with such progressive and ubiquitous leadership. Collaboratively serving and inspiring such leaders' organizations intent on bringing superior visions to reality is my mission, passion and competency.

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Vaughn Loeffler

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