SmallBiz Startup Success

Knowledge is Power

We provide ongoing workshops, round tables, and webinars, in addition to our experienced mentoring to help you achieve success.  Here are just some of the programs you will find through Charleston SC SCORE. 

To locate current offerings, visit our page on Workshops for Small Business:


 Financial Success Learning:

Accounting for Small Business,

In this session, we will discuss why accounting is important for your business and define some of the common lingo that your accountant/banker might use. We will help you understand what reports can be used as management tools in order to operate your business more effectively, including a review of all the versions of QuickBooks.  This workshop is an overview of understanding financial statements, cash flow management, using Quickbooks, and tax reporting basics.  


QuickBooks Online Workshop,

This class is an overview of the basic functions of QuickBooks Online, including Setup of the Chart of Accounts and Products/Services, Recording Income & Expenses, and Creating Basic Reports. No prior QuickBooks experience is necessary. This class is taught by QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors. 


Non-Profit Start-Up - What You Need to Know

If you have dreamed of starting a Non-Profit & want to understand the fundamentals of forming a 501(c)(3), this seminar is for you. Two veteran non-profit leaders will instruct you on the basics to get started.


Tax Considerations for Small Businesses

It's almost tax time! This timely class will explore the various tax obligations facing small businesses as well as preparations/best practices for the upcoming income tax season.Topics covered include sales tax, payroll tax, income tax as well as common deductible expenses for small business owners.  


Easy Tax Planning & Org for SB: 

In this webinar, sponsored by Liberty Tax, you will learn new strategies for planning, organizing and filing with ease.


How to get high-paying clients: 

In this lively and valuable webinar, USA TODAY's small business columnist Steve Strauss will show you how and where to find bigger, better and higher-paying clients and customers.


Close Deals using b2b: 

in this Webinar session, you'll learn a powerful framework and methodology for B2B selling from author, serial entrepreneur and investor Joe Abraham.


Uncover the Untapped Revenue in Your Business

During this webinar, Dr. Jeremy Weisz unveils a step-by-step blueprint of identifying the untapped revenue lying dormant within your business.



  Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends: 

Join us in this webinar as we explore the top trends that small businesses should be paying attention to and some simple ideas for incorporating them into your overall marketing strategy. (Sponsored by Constant Contact)


Search Engine Optimization and Content Management:

Learn to avoid the pitfalls of investing in the development of a website that doesn't get visitors.  What you say and how you say it (your content) is critical to helping the search engines find your site and elevating it in search results.


eCommerce Marketing:

Building an online business or adding online transactions?  You will want to know how to safely integrate that component and attract paying customers as well as building customer loyalty.


Branding Marketing:

Your image is your front door.  Are you projecting the right image across all your marketing collateral and helping your customers immediately identify you?  Learn how to develop and reinforce your brand and keep it strong.


Is Social Media right for me:

With all the different components of social media, how do you know which to invest your time?  Where are your customers and how will they find you?  What social media image are you projecting and how can you make it a success?  This workshop examines these elements and more.



  Starting UP!

Are You Ready to Start a Business? For Up & Coming Small Business Owners,  

This workshop is a great way to you put your plan in action & get your business off the ground! We cover 1)Testing the business concept, 2) Developing a marketing & business plan, 3) Financial considerations, 4) Resources available to support your success & 5) Q&A. No fee. Registration is required. Led by an experienced SCORE mentor.


  For CEOs:

CEO & Business Owners Roundtable,

Join local CEOs/Business owners in a roundtable format brainstorming important topics that may affect your growth and profits. Learn & share with like minded owners! Moderated by a SCORE Mentor who is an inventor with 10 patents and  built a successful multi-million dollar corporation. For CEOs/Owners In business one year or more. No Startups Please. No Fee


  Inventor's Forum:

Inventors Roundtable,

Join other local inventors who are working to bring their product to market or finesse product branding and marketing. Learn and share methods and techniques!  Moderated by a SCORE Mentor who is an inventor with 10 patents and  built a successful multi-million dollar corporation. For CEOs/Owners In business one year or more. No Fee.  Read Inventor Success Stories in partnership with SCORE CharlestonSC to inspire!